The following TIPS are provided to make our website user friendly and to help you maneuver and "toggle" your way easily.  Click on any of the following pages.....


"CLICK" on the empty box located on the upper left  hand side.  You will be directed to several boxes that you fill-in.  You will be directed to input a username and password.  You can then use your username and password in the future to make any changes to your entries at a later date.  When you want to update your profile, just click on EDIT.  TIP:  Don't forget to input your year of graduation and birthday.


Input your birthdate!  You need to be registered on the Classmates page.  Then, go to "Classmates" page and click "Edit".  Scroll down and then fill in your birthdate.  Enter the security code on the bottom of the page and click "submit".  Alas, you have just entered your birthday and it will appear on the calendar.  TIP:  And, you've learned to Edit your Classmates page which is your control panel.


This page provides an explanation and details on our Association membership criteria.


Complete this FORM to join the Tech Reunion Association and complete your registration electronically.  TIP:  This FORM is another FORM you fill in AND separate and different from the CLASSMATES REGISTRATION FORM.


"CLICK" the box located on the upper left hand side.  This is a FORM that you can use for any purpose you want.  This page is off and running, check it out!


Check out the website and the various ways available for your use to either get information or provide comments.  The website is a tool intended to be interactive and fun.  TIP:  There are two (2)  online Registration Forms:  1.  CLASSMATES, 2. REUNION ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP.  Experiment with your Tech website.  And, please contact us if you have questions.