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Jaime Enriquez
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April 16, 1943 Retired Printer Married 4 1961
Me and my wife celebrated our 47th anniversary on Oct. 6, 2009. We have 3 sons and 1 daughter, 8 grandkids and 1 great-granddaughter. My wife and i recently attended the Tech Scholarship Dance on October 3, 2009, and had a great time seeing familiar faces from school.  Looking forward to hearing from my fellow alumni!  God bless you all!
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Dimas Espinoza
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June 05, 1942 retired Married 5 1961
Been THERE,done THAT, got the T-SHIRT!!!:  That pretty much sums up what's happened since I left HS.  Spent 22 yrs with uncle sugar(Army), retired, spent 1 tour in Korea and 2 tours in Namtet68), also assigned to The US Military Academy at West Point as a member of the Staff& Faculty(Academic Computer Center), was lucky to see Gregory Peck come in to address the Corps of Cadets for his MacArthur farewell address(AWESOME); spent another 17 yrs with uncle as a Civil Servant; claim to fame was member (Chief,AMEDD, MEPRS DIV, ADP Branch) involved in building  computer network for worldwide Army Hospitals (67 in Asia, Europe, South America, Pacific, and all over US), gave Army first worldwide AMEDD network,  retired; and now working as a consultant for uncle (Secretary of the Army- DISC4), developing policy on information security (protection of information infrastructure)(got selected for International Who's Who in Information Technology and have started my own bidness (DEISSC2- an Information Assurance company).  Also awarded status as ACD (Academy Certified Diplomate) by the  American Academy of Certified Consultants  and Experts (AACCE). Along the way have married (twice), 4 kids from first (doctor(pediatric neurologist), middle school principal, housewife(RN), HS teacher-computers) and 1 from the 2nd 11 yo - 6th grade.  Got edjamicated while with uncle at his expense
 although I had to give him two years for every year I completed
 (BS - Computer Science(TRINITY Univ (75); MS - Operations Research(CW Post Univ(77);    MA - Info Resources Mgt Webster Univ (84)). 
Taught MIS/CIS at SAC for 20 yrs (one of my biggest thrills (feel good moment)
 was when a former high school teacher (Mr Wey - math teacher from Tech))
 was my student at SAC (intro to computers) - what a feeling!). 
 Now: fat, dumb, and happy!  Welcome, and will answer all email.  
Hope ya'll have had a great one too!
UPDATE! Jul 2008.  Alot has happened in the last 10 years.  In 1999, I underwent cardiac surgery (open heart -quintuple bypass).  Guess project I was doing for the SecArmy was too stressful.  Was able to complete project and walked away from Uncle sugar in 2003 to completely retire.  In 2002, Second wife divorced me and took me to the cleaners , lost everything.  Kept my business and got back on my feet.  Went to Cyprus (Mediterranean) on a job and found my soul mate!  Never imagined I would marry a Russian(actually Ukrainian, from Kherson)!  She has changed my life and is now with me in SA.  A teacher, she works at NEISD.  Son from 2nd wife (Nicholas) is now 17 and very much in my life.  We are very close and I am very happy with how he applies his efforts in school (honors classes, ROTC, debate club, etc).  I now spend my time on the ole puters at home (have 5 of them networked).  Wife uses two and I use three.   She has teleconferences with her family in Ukraine and friends and family in Germany, Israel, and Canada.  I thank the Man Upstairs for all the many blessings He has bestowed upon me.  Again, I hope yours has been great too!  Keep the faith and if life gives you lemons, make lemonade and share some with friends and family.  Adios! (Do Svi Daniya)
UPDATE #2:  February 2009. First, thanks to all who have signed the ole guessbook, really appreciate that.  I really did not intend to add anything else to the profile but I just received news I felt I just had to share with everyone. My son Nick (17 yr old, senior at MacArthur HS) just received his appointment to the AirForce Academy at Colorado Springs, Colorado!!!  He is scheduled to report 25 June to be a member of the class of 2013.  This is fantastic as this $430,000 scholarship is so hard to get.  I am so proud of him that I am bursting with pride.  It is so rewarding to see that all his hard work paid off.  Well, please forgive an old man for blabbering on about his son but the truth is the kid really has done something that all of us in the ole Lanier and Techla community can feel good about.  One more example of one of our kids going above and beyond the expectations of those that put today's kids down. I hope that all of you too have had and will share your kid's accomplishments with all.  Hasta luego y que Dios nos bendiga.  Do svi Daniya, Pa Ka. 

June 2010 UPDATE: What follows are my responses to the story wizard. Someone actually asked me to provide this so here it is:

 I always wanted to be a soldier when I grew up. My family and friends thought that was a good idea. As it turns out, they were right.
The wildest thing I did in school?  Led a pep rally downdown where we actually stopped traffic at the corner of Houston and St Mary's. Remember the gruff old gray hair Policeman who was stationed at the corner and would always make us kids keep moving and not let us hang around.  Well, even he helped control traffic while we did our thing, It was wild.  Anybody else remember that pep rally? (Redjackets, Cheerleaders, Band, ROTC)?  If you do please post it on bulletin  board.
My favorite way to relax? Actually two: (1) playing chess against the computer (do it every day) and (2) indoor games if you get my drift. (very young wife!!)
If I'm going to work somewhere, I need to have access to , a pot of coffee, and a fast computer to be able to deal with the day-to-day.
My hero (actually two): Douglas MacArthur and George Patton, both great, great Americans who did much for their country.
Where have I lived and why did I move?  Have lived all over the world (Korea - Waegon, Taegu, YongSon), Japan (near narita), Vietnam (Cholon, Saigon, LongBing, Bienhoa), Germany (too many places to list), Italy (Vicenza), Panama,Hawaii, NewYork(WestPoint), Missour(Lost in the Woods), Lousyanna(Ft Pewk), Kansas (Ft Rily), Colorada (Ft Carson), Arizona (Ft Huachuca), California (Ft Ord), Texas(Ft Hood, Ft Bliss, Ft Sam), Virginia(Alexandria), DC (Pentagon) and too many others to remember.  Moved because that is the nature of the business.
The one person from my past who I'd most like to see again is Roy Salinas, because he was my best friend at Lanier..
My obsessions with Sports is Spurs games, Reality TV: Survivor, Pets: Large birds (Amazon Parrots). Koi Fish in the back yard pond.
My biggest surprise in life was meeting and marrying my fantastically beautiful Russian wife (actually Ukrainian) and learning Russian.
What I've learned from my kids??? They will always exceed your expectations. The trick is to make them believe that they can be the very best and settle for nothing else. They will shock you with what they accomplish. So, don't hold them back - give them a good example to follow and they will do the rest. I am very proud of all my kids.
Which teacher would you love to see again? Why? Dorothy Rhenn, my English and homeroom teacher at Tech.  She was the one who pushed me to do my best in school and talked me into going to Summer School for an advanced English class with kids from the northside of town.  It was in that class that I learned someone from the barrio (westside: Alazan Apache Courts, MCI, San Carlos/Pinto) could compete with the kids from the northside (Churchill, Lee, Mac).
If I won $100 million, I'd give 10% of it to charity, then spend the rest on family, friends and relatives.
My current age is 67. When I was 12, I thought that people my age now would be old farts. I was so completely right!.
Working hard? Reveal your career aspirations. Are you kidding?  I am completely retarded (retired) so NO, NONE, NADA, career aspirations.
My best friend would tell you I'm a softee, but people who don't know me very well would probably describe me as a hard ass.
Still dress like you did 10 (or 20) years ago? Talk style.  Pass
What's the weirdest job you ever had?  Starting a unit from scratch.  A Colonel was given the job of combining all the postal units in Vietnam and I was assigned to him.  He asked what we should do first and I told him we would need a morning report to activate the unit  and then he could sign an order appointing me his personnel officer and I would then be able to go out and get a motor sgt, a mess sgt, a supply sgt, and a company clerk.  From that humble begining we became the US Army Postal Group, Vietnam (Provisional) and had an end strength of over 3000 troops and handled all the mail for the entire country which included three BPO's (Base Post Office- Saigon, DaNang, CamRhunBay) and 32 APO's.
I share my home with my wife , which I find adorable.
Got trophies on your mantel? Share a big victory. Don't believe in boasting.  Sorry
You get one do-over. What do you do differently? Nothing at all!!!
In 10 years, I hope to be 77. I'm going to get there by the will of God..
What about you would surprise everyone at your high school reunion? That I'm fat, dumb, and happy.
My first job was at Dodd Field, where I got paid $64.30 a month to be a field radio repairman. What I remember most about it is ohms law for resistance.(Bad (black- 0), Boys(brown-1), Raped (red-2), Our (orange-3),Young(yellow-4), Girl(Green-5), But(blue-6), Violet(violet(purple)-7, Gave(gray-8), Willingly(white-9). Never failed me and never missed reading the size of a resister.
Share a childhood memory you'll never forget. Walking to Irving Middle School from Pinto and San Carlos for 7th grade as Cooper was not yet finished and Lanier was full. They brought us back for 8th grade.
How do you hope old friends remember you?  As a strong man willing to lend a hand to anyone in need.
I really, really did not intend to add any more to this story but God has a funny way of changing our plans. Once again I feel He has bestowed another priceless blessing upon my family.  As stated earlier, my son Nick graduated from the Air Force Academy(with honors) and was selected for pilot training.  Well, he has been working his tail off and it all finally culminated with getting certified and hence the following:   Wow!!!! Just returned home from a three day trip to Laughlin AFB, Del Rio, Texas.  Was there to pin formal Pilot wings on my son, 2lt Nick Espinoza, now one of the newest certified pilots in the US Air Force. Nick will be going on to a two month trip to attend pilot survival training, escape and evasion, and finally parachute training in Pensacola, Florida before reporting for his first duty assignment at Davis Monthan AFB in Arizona and start flying the EC-130h. Am so damn proud of my son words cannot describe. Have attached a few photos of the event. It was AWESOME!!!! Thank you Lord, for the many blessing!!!
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Alvaro Fernandez
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February 19, 1944 Retired Widowed 3 1963
I graduated in 1963 and immediately joined the Army. In 1966 I returned to San Antonio and married my Fox Tech sweetheart, Gloria De La Rosa. Went to work for the Department of the Army at White Sands Missle Range in New Mexico as an Electronics Technician. In 1967 I transferred to Laughlin Air Force in Del Rio Texas and in 1998 transferred to the US Border Patrol where I retired in 2003. I recently lost my lovely wife, Gloria and I am still having a very difficult time being without her.
Looking forward to see you all in my first upcoming high school reunion.

Thank You
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CARLOS C. "charlie " FLORES
March 12, 1942 Register Architect Emeritus Married 3 1960
Fellow Techites, Greetings :                     VIVA LA TECHLA                                Over fifty years ago, you, the classes of '59, "60 thru '63, honored me by electing me your Student Body (Student Council) President. That support and encouragement gave me the courage to presue my future endeavors (SAC - President Los Pisanos, Texas A & M - B. Arch., Registered Architect and recently selected Distengish Graduated of (Fox) Tech HIgh School.}                   I married Olga Catarina Garcia (Kingsville) and we have three children, two girls and a boy, and four grand children (plus one due in November). We have been married 44 years living in SA. I will always be grateful for your support, encouragement and most important friendshio.  GOD BLESS Send CARLOS C. "charlie " a MessageSend CARLOS C. "charlie " a Message
Pablo Flores
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June 30, 1944 USN Ret. / Reliv International, Independent Distributor Married 3 1961
Joined the Navy in July of 61 and retired in July of 94, after 33+ years of active Naval service.  Married Ninfa San Miguel from Harlandale HS, San Antonio on 25 February 62.  We just celebrated our 46th Anniversary.  Have 2 Daughters, 1 Son, 6 Grand children and 1 Great-grand Daughter.  Currently enjoying a semi twice-retired life managing a home-based business bringing better health and wealth to anyone interested.  Life is good !  Thanks to God!  Looking forward to re-establishing old friendships and making new contacts via email, telephone, website and hopefully seeing everyone at our 50th Reunion. Send Pablo a MessageSend Pablo a Message
June 12, 1943 Human Resources Specialist Divorced 3 1962
 I have been active in the Association a few years and love being a part of it.  In addition to renewing old friendships,I have made new ones that I will treasure for a long time. COME ONE, COME ALL AND JOIN US @ THE CHILI BOWL GALA this year--more details to follow!!  
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Luis none (Flores III)
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May 31, 1941 Retire none Married 3 1961

In 1956 when I was going to Irving I met the love of my life Mary Elizabeth Zamora after going together for over 5 years in Sept. 1961 we got married. In Sept.5, 2011 we will be married 50 years. We have 3 children Olivia, Luis the IV, and Virginia. And we have 4 grand children and 4 great grand children.


In 1963 8 of us got in a car and left for California. My wife, me and two of our children. My brother his, wife and two of his children.


I worked for Von's a division of Save Way. Before I retired I managed to put 27 years into my retirement in the United Food & Commercial workers Unions.


In 1997 I had a stroke and had to retire. I am disabled and I can only walk with a cane but very slow. I rather walk when we go any place and I can not lift any thing with my left hand.


Before I retired I did many things like I went to college and took many classes but never got a degree. Before I retired I took art and photography classes for quite a few years.


Another thing of importance is that my wife and I bought a small house in California. It was just 1000sq.ft. And we paid 25,000 dollars for it at that time it was a lot for us and the payments were 250 dollars a month. The payment was very big so my wife had to go to work. After that, she never stop working. When we sold the house it was worth 20 times what we bought it for. Almost ½ million dollars. It was the best investment we ever made.  


A few years after my wife retired we sold our house. In 2006 we sold our house we did very well on our sale. With the money we got from our house we were able to start afresh. We were able to pay all our bills, buy a new car cash, have our dream house build and still have enough money to buy a second house cash if we want to.


After living in Calif. for 43 years in 2006 we move to Rio Rancho New Mexico where we live now.


Today we live in a custom made house it is 2 stories 2600 sq ft everything in it is new. As a matter of fact the whole community is new. It is a fresh start.

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Sylvia Gonzalez (Fuentes)
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August 31, 1942 property management Married 3 1960
Hi Techites!

I married (Florencio ) Lenny Fuentes 49 years ago this year Januray 2010. We have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. Lived in San Antonio, the first 18 years of my life, married moved to Southern  California for the next 40 and  then we retired to  New Mexico the last 9. Was thrilled to see everyone at the last Reunion. Hope to see everyone at the next one.

May God bless all of you with healthy, long life!
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Gilbert T. none (Galvan)
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May 23, 1940 Retired Single Again 1958
I graduated from Tech in 1958, moved to Los Angeles, CA in 1959.  I had been employed by the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services as a County Contracts Administrator until my retirement in 1994.  I visit family and classmates in San Antonio three to four times a year.
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Jesus (Jesse) Garcia
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December 02, 1941 RETIRED/USAF & Logistics Management Married 1960

Shortly after grauation, I joined the service USAF, retired after 26 years and continued to work for the federal govenment. I'm on my second married and living in Colorado, Do miss San Antonio, but on the other hand we do love the mountains.  I have recently retired in(Aug 2007) after 18 year of civil services with the goverment.  My wife, KongCha, is from Korea and we have been married for 28 years we had a son and were blessed to have him for 13 years. Do have three other children (boys) from my first marrage, however they are all grow and have left the roost.   Been around most of the world and just about all the states, I can truely say that I have been blessed.

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